Sunday, February 8, 2015

Making and Importing Custom Jewelry

Making and importing custom jewelry can be a great idea when wanting to fulfill  a self employed inspiration. If you have a great sense of style and creativity, you should consider constructing quality custom jewelry. If you are good at it, you will find that customers could and will be calling you over and over again to construct special pieces for them, or as gifts for others.The criteria for  staying ahead of the competition is to make your pieces unique and  exclusive. When a client wears custom jewelry that you have designed and constructed, they will wear it knowing that there is no other piece like it in the whole world!

When working with clients that want a one of a kind piece you should of course have them bring you a picture so you can give them exactly what they want to avoid misunderstandings. Also you can talk at length with the client so you can design a custom piece that matches their likes, dislikes, and personality. If the piece is to be a gift for someone else, ask lots of questions about that person, and if possible, meet them in person yourself. And remember that uniqueness and exclusivity are keys to making this type of business very successful.

Some clients might want you to make custom jewelry using stones or gems, or they may want you to just enhance a piece that they already have. You should always know your cost and quote your client a price before you start,and be sure that you are qualified to take on this endeavor with the end result being a happy customer with an awesome enhanced piece of custom made jewelry for all to see.

When purchasing pieces for making  custom jewelry from wholesale resources make sure you are buying quality parts and look for sources of unique jewelry making supplies as well as imported pieces for enhancing uniqueness. If you are considering importing jewelry wholesale, you might want to see what your other options are. When jewelry is imported, there are additional costs, such as high shipping costs, that you may not be prepared to pay. Here are some other issues to consider as well.

Customs is a major issue, because some materials that come from endangered animals are outlawed in the United States – ivory for example. When importing jewelry, you need to be sure that all of the materials that make up the jewelry can be legally imported.

The possibility of not getting what you paid for is another consideration that you must think about. If you order from someone outside of the United States – where the United States has no legal jurisdiction – there won’t be anything you can do if you are ripped off. If you are importing jewelry wholesale, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Do your research before buying.

Usually, if you can find the same pieces of jewelry for sale in the United States, at a slightly higher cost, you will be better off making your purchase in the U.S. and nothing more  could be better for our economy than buying merchandise made right here in America. Besides by the time you add shipping to the imported jewelry, it will probably cost more. However, there are most likely many pieces that can only be found in other countries that may make your brand unique. 

Welcome to the world of making and importing custom jewelry via working from home through self employed inspiration. Want to know more?  Click Here

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