Making Click Income Work For You

Juump Start Your Self Employed Aspirations For Free

If you're looking to put a Self Employed Inspiration into action, but no money to get started, you can work from home in what I call the get paid too sector to make no cost (other than your time) Free Click Income. This is where most people may start out when they first come online to make money.

Now you're not going to get rich from this method but you can though, make a substantial income over time if you diversify your efforts and keep at it with sites that have legitimate and longevity factors. 

Anyone who is a member of any of these get paid too sites knows that the key to them making money for you is referrals. If you are willing to work to build your downline, these sites can bring you a very good amount of click income. These sites will pay you to take surveys and read emails. And you  have sites and platforms that will pay you to do offers such as subscribing to products and services offered by retailers.

I have put together some of the easiest sites that will effectively help jump start any work from home self employed aspiration
The ones I'm going to mention here, are in my opinion the top notch best sites in this industry. Very easy and quick to do. They have the Legitimate and Longevity factors that I have mentioned earlier in place and I never have a problem getting paid. You can't go wrong with the sites I mention here.

These survey sites pay strictly cash which is what I prefer and are pretty darn good. My all out favorite is a site called Survey Savvy and is unique for me in that I have ongoing passive income. They are in many countries and if you're not in on this one you're missing out. This one is an easy money maker. 

Another good survey site to mention  is one called Adminder Research which pays by way of Amazon gift certificate codes, Dining Dough restaurant gift certificates, and Payoneer prepaid debit master card. Once you get the ball rolling on this one you will see a big increase in qualifying here, as well as the payouts jumping from $2.00 to $10.00 a survey on average.

PTC  (paid to click) sites where you get paid to click on emails and advertisements. These are top quality with legitimate and longevity factors in place that do make it worth while to participate in and earn.

They are as follows.....
1. Inbox Dollars and  Send Earnings
Here you can get paid for taking surveys, reading emails playing games and watching videos as well as doing certain tasks and more.The information you receive here is also good info that you can use concerning free products and samples and all kinds of health and dietary info as well as good wholesome cooking recipes.The sister site send earnings is a little slower but just as good.

2. Hits 4 Pay 
A real favorite where all you have to do is click on emails that come to your inbox at your email address or the sites internal email. This is the easiest free money I've ever made at 2 cents a pop and if you have referrals you can really earn here. Unlike most Bux Sites where you have to leave the window open till the timer runs out, it's not so with this one or any of the other click sites I mention. with these sites you can do several things at once and earn more, as well as find out what's being promoted nowadays.

3. Deals N Cash 
Is a sister site of the Hits4Pay network and just as good at 1 cents a click. These are very quick and easy to do while also doing other things online. Just open up some extra tabs and let er rip for this free money.

4. My Advertising Pays
This site is a U.S. based advertising site where they have banner advertising, traffic exchange advertising and pop ups. The traffic exchange is PTC advertising at it's best and they will pay you up to 72 times daily letting you share in the profits from the advertisers. There's no waiting for your money here. It's free to join and also has three levels of memberships after 30 days. This one can be a real money maker because of its' real genuine profit sharing and all you do is click 10 ads a day to share in those profits. You can earn 10 times as much with this site if you're willing to purchase the credit packs. 

Well that's it for the best of the best when it comes to making Click IncomeThese sites will surely help you further a Self Employed Inspiration if you're just getting started and cash is tight. 

All it takes is a little bit of creative thinking to fit them in with the rest of your online ideas, and will provide you with easy cash that will cover expenses and more if you so choose to work with clicking for income.


  1. Great post, Gavino, and I think I may check out My Advertising Pays. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes My Advertising pays is here to stay and with a long term plan you can gain signups for your business and residual profit sharing.

  2. Great blog. There is new PTC site which pays $0.24 for just 10 clicks on daily basis. I already have received the payment. Min. withdrawal $2.00 only.

    All time famous survey site and ptc. Great earnings opportunity here.

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